Business Intelligence application




01 | Requirements


SILMAG needed to know, from the data generated by their systems, various Sales statistics, Margins and Costs.
This would allow them to make a conscious decision based on information from the multidimensional model that Vënon Solutions developed for them.
Of Sales, it was required to know the quantities sold for an article, for clients of the organization and for each traveling salesman.
From the Margin, view the last 13 months depending on the category, sub-item, market, traveling salesman and customer.
Of Costs, it was requested to know the direct cost in Argentine Peso, United States Dollar and by product type.



02 | Data import and processing of multidimensional model


As part of the solution, the Vënon Solutions team analyzed the source database, implemented in SQL Server. Through the ETL process (extract, transform and load) an intermediate database was created, still standardized.
Continuing with the bases of business intelligence, we obtained a Data Warehouse data collection, denormalized. From this collection the multidimensional cube was formed. This cube is taken as the basis of the system implemented in the client.

03 | KPI, Graphics, Tables and more


Together with SILMAG, it was defined what form the information obtained from the cube would have.
KPIs of Sales, Margins and Costs were established, different graphs were proposed that clearly modeled the fluctuations of the values over time and the columns that were wanted to see in detailed tables were determined.
We also worked on the integration between the graphics and the tables, in order to be able to migrate from one to another with all the filter options that have been implemented.


04 | Results

After a few months of work, we obtained a set of BI boards that summarize the value information of the company.
This information allows decision-making according to patterns of customer behavior, ability to empower travelers and ways to reduce expenses.