Vënon Solutions developed a central office for the control of all activities with real-time monitoring.



01 | Requiremenets


Our client had the need to have more control over their guards and the activities they must develop in each client with the aim of improving the quality of their services. Read how implementing technologies such as Angular 4, .Net Core, and Boostrap achieve this goal.

Our client needed to fulfill the following objective

  • Take control of all your activities from a central point with the ability to monitor in real time.
  • Systematize the control rounds in each client, geographically represent each installation under control, indicating client rules, restricted access, etc.
  • Automate the imputation of hours of your personnel deployed in the facilities of each client.
  • Empower the guard through a SmartPhone with all the necessary functions that guarantee the quality of your work.



02 | For this, we developed Inforce


Vënon’s team developed a complete solution with a web control and management panel for the central office, along with a native mobile application to empower each guard that allows efficient organization and monitoring of each round.

03 | Features

With Inforce our client can:

  • Use a live map of your client’s facilities.
  • Maintain control of the location of each guard.
  • Receive alerts for round start, check of key points, change of turn, panic alert, speeding, entry to restricted areas.
  • Automatically manage and liquidate staff hours according to the registration and logging of each guard.
  • Design the rounds and key points to check each client installation.
  • Determine the scope of the surface to control and restricted access points of each client
  • Each guard also has a mobile application from which you can send your current location, start rounds and check points by proximity, control your hours entering by password or reading ID, and press a panic button if necessary

04 | Shared Insights


Utilizar una plataforma de facil accesoa todos en la planta Permitir que aquellas personas que dejan un puesto puedan dejar plasmado su conocimiento antes de irse. Brindar a aquellos que los reemplacen, un medio intuitivo, moderno y sumple para recibir ese conocimiento y capacitarse. Construir, etc..