Solution to the Patrimonial processes of the Province of Córdoba

Government of the Province of Córdoba



01 | Requirements


Our client had the need to computerize the activities carried out in the Management
of Patrimonial. It was required to clearly identify the process that followed
the files that are managed and provide solutions to manual processes that generate problems.
Our client had the following objectives:

  • Provide continuity in the management of procedures that start in peripheral systems.
  • Integrate into a single view all procedures involving the assets of the Province of Córdoba.
  • Have a clear vision of which assets are affected and disaffected, belonging to different Ministries and legal entities of the Province.



02 | Development of the Procedures Portal for the Patrimonial area on Dynamics CRM


The team of Vënon Solutions worked together with our client to develop a solution on Dynamics CRM that would allow continuity to the procedures started in peripheral systems, and add relevant data for the Patrimonial area of the Province of Córdoba.
Within the specific data, heritage assets such as real estate are included with their geographical reference on our powerful Virtual Modeler tool.

03 | Technological integrations


In order for the developed system to have the scope required by the area, data was taken of the procedures initiated in the “Sistema Único de Atención al Ciudadano”.
The development continues the technical and legal process that implements the Patrimonial area and add specific data that will enrich the management of these.
Among the data, the geographic coordinates of the assets were detailed. With our Virtual Modeler tool it was possible, for example, to know data about the terrain that previously forced people to come to the site or to know about adjacent properties that without this integral information were unknown. </ span>


04 | Results

The Patrimonial area of the Province of Córdoba can administer in one place the procedures that enter its Direction.
This integral management allows to deepen the data related to the managed goods, and to have a transversal view of them, as a transaction history.
Procedures that are registered in the entry table of Citizen may have better traceability, response times will be streamlined and be allowed, at any moment, to know the status of them from other areas that may be involved.