Solution to the Valuation processes of the Province of Córdoba

Government of the Province of Córdoba



01 | Requirements


The Government of the Province of Córdoba had the need to computerize the activities carried out in the Directorate
of Appraisals. It was required to formalize the process of registration of Antecedents of Real Estate and register in an information system the process of Valuations of assets.
Our client needed to meet the following objectives:

  • Accompany the area of Valuations in your daily task, search of property records and valuation calculations.
  • Integrate property appraisal histories into a single system.
  • Know, at all times, in what instance is an assessment procedure and be able to take measures to expedite the operation.



02 | Development of the Background and Valuations Portal on Dynamics CRM


The team of Vënon Solutions worked together with our client to develop a solution on Dynamics CRM that allowed to register the properties that are taken as background for the appraisal process. For this purpose, coordinates and surfaces were used within our Virtual Modeler tool.

In addition, it was allowed to give continuity to the appraisal procedures that enter through the Citizen Service System and enrich the information registered in each procedure to generate a legally valid and complete Report.

03 | Technological integrations


In order for the system to have the scope required by the area, data were taken of the procedures initiated in the Citizen’s Attention System.
It was allowed to continue with the technical and legal process that implements the Appraisals area and add specific data that will enrich the management of the same.
Among the data, the geographic coordinates of the assets were detailed, and with our Virtual Modeler tool it was possible, for example, to know data related to the land that previously forced people to appear on the site or related to adjacent properties that without this integral information were unknown .
In addition, it was allowed to link the property to reference properties and keep a record of all the appraisals that were carried out on it.


04 | Results

Reaching the proposed objective, the Appraisal area of the Province of Córdoba can now manage the real estate records, which are taken as reference for appraisals, and the valuation processes in a single computer system.
An appraisal process begins in the integration with the citizen service entrance desk. With the development of our Vënon Solutions team, it will be possible to bring a better traceability of the actions that arise internally as soon as a procedure enters the area.