Virtual Modeler implementation

Government of the Province of Córdoba



01 | Requirements


The General Secretariat of the Province of Córdoba had the need to visualize in a separate tool the maps that are shared from other Ministries.
Our client had the following objectives:

  • Visualize the Plot of the Province and interact with it from Dynamics CRM.
  • Have access to the view of all registered Properties of the Province and see the information of them from the Manager.
  • Allow a simple search about the Plot, the Real Estate and statistical data that can be seen in the different map layers.



02 | Import data from different sources


As part of the solution, the team of Vënon Solutions worked in a first stage to import data from different bases that the province has.
Data were taken from land plots, real estate and statistical data that together enriched the original map of Virtual Modeler.

03 | Technology integrations


After importing data from different sources, we worked on integrating our main product with different technologies.
This challenge allowed us to use Virtual Modeler within systems such as Dynamics CRM and other internal developments that enhance the end user experience with our GIS.

Virtual Modeler

04 | Results

The implementation of Virtual Modeler for the Government of the Province was a challenging project.
It allowed areas such as Appraisals and Patrimonial, to use a powerful tool, but simple to manage by users.
The final result is a transparent integration with different technologies that facilitate and enhance daily operations.