Staff Augmentation – Agile Team (6.000 hs)

Province of Córdoba 



01 | Requirements

The Government of the Province of Córdoba needed an agile development team to build the Unified Citizen Database application. The project goal was to build and extensible application to create a unified database with all the citizen’s data (more than 4 millon people) and securely share that information with different government areas and agencies. This technology will have a secured API that will be used any time that any application or portal needs to record or obtain citizen data. Additionally, the application will provide  dynamic forms to allow citizen data to be filled in other web applications. The project goals as referred in the RFP were: “This project will benefit the organization and the execution of social actions, helping in design, development and implementation. Will consolidate information, simplify processes, improve citizen interaction with the State, exploit data, among other advantages. In this way, greater efficiency and quality will be achieved in processes and services, within a framework of transparency, technological innovation and social responsibility.”


A team of excellent professionals with extensive experience and skills in the Microsoft technology stack (Asp.Net MVC, C#), web technologies (HTML, js, jQuery, REST/WebAPI, Angular) and Oracle was required. This team will help expand the existing capabilities and skills of the client team to carry out the project and ensure the achievement of the objectives.



02 | Staff Augmentation – Agile Team

In order to meet the requirements, we provided agile teams of high-level senior professionals, covering the roles of analysis, architecture, design, development, testing, and technical leadership. In addition to supplying agile teams, our company has a strong focus on customer service, we want to create close long-term relationships with our customers and create strong partnerships that allow both parties to grow and succeed. To achieve this, we maintained close and fluid contact with the client at all times, to ensure that the work was always carried out in the best possible conditions, that each member of the team was productive and worked comfortably and fully aligned with the scope and objective of the projects


The team was fully and seamlessly integrated into the complex organizational structure of the client, complying with all the standards defined by areas such as data security, database, software architecture, infrastructure, etc. Projects in government entities pose very important challenges because they have a complicated network of processes, in which several areas and even different divisions and agencies often intervene, with large amounts of data and complex integrations with the most varied technologies.

03 | Our Development Services


Staff Augmentation

We provide top engineers to expand and scale-up your team capabilities and skills. We also provide full dedicated agile teams, working with our proven methodologies and top-class project lifecycle tools to ensure the project goals and rapidly deliver value.


Software Development

We put more than 10 years of successful projects developing high-end software solutions at your disposal to solve all your needs. Full-cycle, end to end, fixed price custom software development. This service model is ideal when you have a well defined scope and requirements for the project or product.


Why Us?

Because we are not only backed by 10 years providing high quality solutions for our clients, but because our commitment to our clients is our most essential value.

04 | Results

Our Staff Augmentation service and our excellent pool of professionals allowed the client to extend their development capabilities to carry out the project, using an agile methodology such as scrum to ensure flexibility and adaptability in the scope, which was of vital importance in the critical and changing environment in which the project was carried out.


In addition, the objective of achieving a unified database of citizens requires an extensible and reliable architecture, with high availability, that it is easy to connect and allows easy interaction with the different ministries and public organizations, maintaining total security and integrity in people’s data.