Knowledge Transfer Portal

Volkswagen Argentina



01 | Requirements

Volkswagen needed a reliable and easily accessible application that would store, safeguard and share the knowledge of the key tasks carried out within the plant. This application will be used by all the employees, either to share knowledge they have or to learn using the information shared in the portal.


The goals for the application are these:


    • Create a web application easily accessible to everyone in the organization.
    • Avoid losing the knowledge and experience from experienced workers who leave a position or the company, allowing them to transfer their knowledge a software platform.
    • Provide those who replace them with an intuitive, modern and simple way to receive that knowledge and training.
    • Build a knowledge base for every area and make it accessible to everyone in the company.
    • Share the goals and targets of the Human Resources area throughout the company.



02 | Development of a SharePoint 2016 Portal for Knowledge Transfer

We developed a tailor-made custom portal solution on SharePoint 2016, enhancing the user experience while maintaining the robustness of the platform. Because all the employees of the company, with different roles, skills and backgrounds will use the application we put special care and dedication to design a UX that will make all that different users feel comfortable to work with it. You can learn more about our approach in this link.


By using the solution, you can create and manage training requests by area, schedule a date and place for them, choose who the trainees would be and who would be the expert in charge of providing the knowledge and approving the content. Then, you can add,  step by step the content/knowledge that will be transmitted during the training. After that, there is a validation and approval workflow that allows you to publish the knowlodge that will be used by the entire organization.


The content for the traning can include step by step guides, manuals, videos, proven good practices and any critical knowledge that you do not want to lose. We take advantage of the built-in document and media management features in SharePoint and developed custom features like online image editing tools that allow the users to create and edit graphic content (add text, shapes, annotations, etc. to pictures) without leaving the application or the need for a third-party image editing software.


In addition, we created custom lists with conditional formatting that conveys information very effectively, with filters and search to find everything you need quickly and easily. We developed a lovely custom homepage for the portal that keeps everyone engaged with the process and aligned with the goals.

VW - KT Home
Print Screen - VW - KT Lista

03 | Process Automation in SharePoint

The KT process was automated using SharePoint in Volkswagen under a company strategy to digitize and automate several informal processes. This is very common in today’s organizations, they have several informal, non-structured and insecure processes, depending on paper or relaying in Excel spreadsheets or weak databases like Microsoft Access or sharing files in unsecure ways. This of course is prone to errors, have several problems and pose big risks.


To solve those problems and reduce risk, Sharepoint, on-premise or on-line, is an excellent choice because it offers a powerful and intuitive tool to quickly build applications and deliver key functionality in a rapid and consistent way across processes and areas. By using SharePoint, your are not only automating the processes but you can also take advantage of all the built-in features such as: document management, workflow, tasks management, collaboration, document editing, file storing and sharing, indexing and search, security and much more.

04 | Results

The entire project lasted 3 months, but just within the first month we were able to deliver part of the key functionality allowing the client to start working with the application, engaging the key users and gathering important feedback from them.


The project involved the two factories that Volkswagen has in Argentina and the reception from the users was excellent, this key success allowed the IT teams from both plants to continue promoting projects in SharePoint to further automate several processes.


Now, the knowledge from experienced workers and experts is transferred and maintained in the application, reducing the costs and risks associated with people leaving the company with valuable information on best practices, procedures, how to fix common problems and maintain key parts of the production line, how to effectively perform certain tasks, etc. In addition, best practices and other crucial information are shared between factories with easy.

VW - KT - Knowledge Step