Intranet, Digital Transformation & Process Automation

Estudio Rizza



01 | Requirements

Estudio Rizza is a consulting firm with a core in finance, taxing, accounting and auditing. The company uses technology to gain a competitive advantage and add value to its customers. The Collections Deparment was selected to start with a large and ambitious Digital Transformation project that affects the entire organization with the aim of digitizing  all the company’s processes using Microsoft cloud technology, particularly SharePoint Online and Power Platform.


The main project goals were:


    • Eliminate the use of multiple spreadsheets that accompanied the process and were impeding a better collaboration between users.
    • Improve the reliability of information using web forms with business logic and calculations more powerful than current ones.
    • Improve the information availability by making it accessible from any device and anywhere.
    • Improve the execution time required by the payment collection processes
    • Improve the monitoring of current accounts and debtors.
    • Improve the use of human resources, automating manual that, due to their volume, consume a lot of their time.



02 | Intranet, Digital Transformation & Process Automation with SharePoint Online and Power Platform

Our team built an Intranet using SharePoint Online and created digital versions of all the Collections Department processes, replacing Excel spreadsheets and manual tasks with web forms and workflows. The home provides access to the most used tools and offers announcements and news to keep everyone informedof the latest company updates. We created multiple SharePoint web forms to make invoices, monitoring the payment status, maintain current accounts, debt information, etc. Additionally, we migrate all important customer information and documents to SharePoint.


Our SharePoint development strategy enables us to improve the user experience, increasing your productivity, enabling greater collaboration, and increasing the employee commitment to the processes. To achieve this, we have put special care and dedication into the design of the UX, making all the different types of users feel comfortable working with the solution. For more information about our proposal, please click the following link. The forms were designed in a personalized way, focusing on the convenience and productivity of the users. In addition, each form dynamically responds to permissions (roles) and the state of the process instances, improving the user interaction and securing the information.


03 | Digital Transformation with SharePoint and Office 365

The processes were made digital using SharePoint and Power Platform to make progress with the company digital transformation strategy. This is very common in today’s organizations, they have several informal, non-structured and insecure processes, depending on paper or relaying in Excel spreadsheets or weak databases like Microsoft Access or sharing files in unsecure ways. This of course is prone to errors, have several problems and pose big risks.


To solve those problems and reduce risk, Sharepoint, either on-premise or on-line, is an excellent choice because it offers a powerful and intuitive tool to quickly build applications and deliver key functionality in a rapid and consistent way across processes and areas. By using SharePoint, your are not only automating the processes but you can also take advantage of all the built-in features such as: document management, workflow, tasks management, collaboration, document editing, file storing and sharing, indexing and search, security and much more.


Power Automate


In this project we used Power Automate to automate all the communication with clients: Debt notices, updates on new invoices, receipts, payments, news, etc. Before this, tasks were carried on manually and required a lot of human work. In addition, the invoice generation process was fully automated, eliminating manual labor and reducing time. Many internal reminders and tasks were automated reducing the response times.

04 | Results

As previously mentioned, this was the first step in the company’s digital transformation journey. Now, the Collections Department has successfully migrated to the digital world with more departments doing the same in the near future. The main achievements were:


  • Because of our UX approach the users adopted the application seamlessly with an easy learning curve.
  • Communication with the customer was improved thanks to new alerts and automatic notifications.
  • The payment collection process is more efficient and produce better results.
  • Faster billing process without the need for manual labor.
  • Eliminate errors caused by manual calculations and data entry in spreadsheets.
  • Better team collaboration.
  • Better response times in customer service thanks to automation, alerts and reminders.
  • Better availability and scalability through the use of Microsoft infrastructure.