Audit & Safety and Occupational Health Portal

Volkswagen Argentina



01 | Requirements

The process to manage Audit Findings (SAHA) in Volkswagen Argentina was carried out using Excel spreadsheets and a large amount of complementary documentation on paper. In addition, the process to manage Safety and Occupational Health (SYSO) was also informal. The main goal of the project was to automate these processes by creating a Portal in SharePoint to simplify tasks, avoid common problems and security issues related to working in Excel, reduce the use of paper, increase productivity and efficiency.


The goals for the solution are these:


    • Automatize the processes to manage Audit Findings.
    • Automatize the processes to manage Safety and Occupational Health issues.
    • Reduce the manual tasks involved in the processes.
    • Increase the productivity of the staff.
    • Get information and metrics in realtime and make them easily available to users.
    • Provide users with an intuitive, modern and simple way to work and collaborate, increase commitment with the processes.
    • Improve reporting capabilities, reduce the time needed to produce valuable information and to convert that information into quality improvement plans.
    • Simplify the search and comparison with historical data, reduce the need for storage and handling of physical documentation.
    • Be friendly to the environment by reducing the amount of paper required.



02 | Development of a SharePoint Portal

Out team developed a tailor-made custom portal solution on SharePoint 2016. This solution automate the processes for managing the Audit Findings and Safety and Occupational Health Issues, enhancing the user experience and increasing the productivity of the users, allowing a better collaboration and more commitment. To do this we put special care and dedication to design a UX that will make all that different users feel comfortable to work with it. You can learn more about our approach in this link.


The application allows to manage and schedule the audit tasks and the users are keep informed receiving notifications about any change. The auditors can record all the findings identified and get notifications about the status and resolution of them. The scheduler features help to organize all the tasks and people involved.


The forms involved in all the processes are custom designed with focus on user’s convenience and productivity and respond dynamically to different roles and status. In order to facilite the user interaction the forms have visual hints to help the user understand the process next steps:




In addition, we created custom lists with conditional formatting that conveys information very effectively, with filters and search to find everything you need quickly and easily. We developed a lovely custom homepage for the portal that keeps everyone engaged with the process and aligned with the goals and progress.

Reporte SAHA
Solicitud de Auditoría - Listado

03 | Process Automation in SharePoint

The processes were automated using SharePoint in Volkswagen under a company strategy to digitize and automate several informal processes. This is very common in today’s organizations, they have several informal, non-structured and insecure processes, depending on paper or relaying in Excel spreadsheets or weak databases like Microsoft Access or sharing files in unsecure ways. This of course is prone to errors, have several problems and pose big risks.


To solve those problems and reduce risk, Sharepoint, on-premise or on-line, is an excellent choice because it offers a powerful and intuitive tool to quickly build applications and deliver key functionality in a rapid and consistent way across processes and areas. By using SharePoint, your are not only automating the processes but you can also take advantage of all the built-in features such as: document management, workflow, tasks management, collaboration, document editing, file storing and sharing, indexing and search, security and much more.

04 | Results

The entire project lasted 3 months, but just within the first month we were able to deliver part of the key functionality allowing the client to start working with the application. The two-weeks long Sprints allow us to create interest and engage the key users quickly in the project and gathering important feedback from them.


The high quality, tailor-made UI has a excellent reception by the users, this key success allowed the IT team to continue foster new projects in SharePoint and quickly get internal sponsors to further automate several processes.


Now, all the information related to Audit Findings and Safety and Occupational Health is stored and maintain within the solution, getting an unified view and data management for all the processes, consistent and fast reporting and dashboards, without the problems and risks associated to the use of unstructured spreadsheets, reducing the use of paper and avoiding long and ineficcient manual tasks. The task coordination and response times are greatly improved using the Calendar features, notifications and dashboards.

Registro Hallazgo SYSO - Evaluación