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Traditional SharePoint UX vs Our Approach

Most SharePoint apps are boring and dull, but not OURS!

Most of the time, developers focus on everyone but the users to define requirements, priorities and functionalities. Then, of course, when the product is deployed, the users present resistance to use the application.

One of the most powerful lessons that software developers learn in the hard way is ‘Build applications users love’.

Because of this, we focus on designing solutions that users love and feel comfortable to use, are effective, powerful and flexible.

Captivating & Creative Elements

Check out some of the awesome elements you’ll find in our solutions.

Beautiful Forms

Beautiful designed and effective forms encourage users to work with the application and make them more productive

Step lines

Use step lines to guide users in multi-step tasks, wizard-like or workflow-driven interfaces

Html Editor

With the Html Editor users can create more meaningful content, powerful descriptions, annotations, comments and more

Image Editor

This feature allows users yo quickly create and manipulate annotated pictures directly in SharePoint without the need of external applications or editors


Use Dashboards to convey, summarize and visualize data effectively.

Using Dashboards in your processes you help people to keep focused on what is important, to meet targets and goals, detect anomalies and deviations and act promptly to fix them


Use the multicolor calendar to quickly show and organize different activities over time. Never miss a date anymore.

Powerful Grids

Summarize information in a glance using different colors, icons and indicators. Search and filter easily on the grid. Make the grid sensitive to the user’s role and much more.


Create lovely and powerful home pages, this encourage users to explore and use the application. Communicate effectively using pictures, charts, graphical elements, KPIs, etc.

Keep everyone informed, more participative and aligned with the corporate culture and goals.

Tailor-Made apps for your business

Because one size doesn’t fit all, we create fine-tuned customized applications to improve your productivity and effectiveness.

By using a process-driven analysis methodology we ensure that everyone fully understand the requirements, reducing the understanding gap between users and developers.

Additionally with our DevOps-oriented delivery process your business receives incremental value very quickly, we receive user’s feedback promptly and the product evolves seamlessly into the complete solution.

Why Us? Because our focus is Quality & Customer Satisfaction, your satisfaction and your product's quality

We build solutions with the best quality, using top-class lifecycle management tools like Azure DevOps, business process-driven analysis, agile methodologies and the best team.

Process-driven Analysis 

We document software requirements using a process-driven methodology, this make it easy for anyone to understand and communicate, reducing the understanding gap between project’s stakeholders and developers

Fast prototyping

The construction of prototypes allow us to show and simulate how the information flows in the application. Additionally, it shows the users how the information will be presented and how they will interact with the application and perform they daily tasks.

DevOps Methodology 

The focus on DevOps, Frequent Delivery and Fast Iterations reduce the time to deliver value to the business, introduces feedback to the process as quickly as possible and allow the product to evolve and improve smoothly

Solutions for every need

Process Automation

Replace spreadsheet-based informal process or manual processes by custom online/on-premise SharePoint solutions

Document Management

Store, share and collaborate with SharePoint Document Management features like: document libraries, versioning, workflow, security & auditory, indexing & search

Portal Solutions

Create Intranet or Extranet Portals with easy, share information and documents, automate process, create quick forms, organize tasks, etc.

Corporate Search

Companies have an incredible ability to genera tons of data, the challenge is to make sense of all that and find the right information when necessary

Case Studies

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