Car Dealers Extranet Portal




01 | Requirements

Fiat needed a portal to manage the relationship between the company and their car dealers, using this portal the car maker and its dealers can share marketing information, news, announcements, events, collaborate to increase sales, improve customer engagement, etc.


They need custom functionality to manage the large marketing packages they share with the car dealers about the car models, events, technical information, pictures, videos, etc. Also, they want to customize the SharePoint’s news and announcements functionality to their needs. The look & feel must be designed to invite the users to engage and collaborate within the platform and be sure that the custom features allow the users to work quickly and efficiently.


On the technical side, the users could be FIAT’s employees, in which case they have an Active Directory indentity, or car dealer’s employees, without AD user. In the later case, an existing Oracle database containing users identities for other applications must be used for authentication.



02 | Extranet Portal using SharePoint

To address all the client’s needs we create a custom SharePoint portal, creating a powerful UX to allow the users to work efficiently and increase productivity. To meet the requirements we developed the following:


  • A beautiful Home to invite users to use the platform and keep everyone well informed.
  • A dynamic banners feature in the Home. This banner slider provide the following features:
    • Is dynamic with the content, providing effects for pictures like parallax movement, entrance effects, text effects, etc.
    • The content must be dynamic and editable too. There is an editor to add pictures, text and edit the effects.
  • Custom made news functionality with custom approval and publishing workflow. This custom feature allows to easily enrich news with pictures and videos from them marketing material, schedule publishing to certain dates, manage categories, etc.
  • An specific functionality to easily upload and download large set of marketing files and media.
  • Custom authentication process to authenticate with Active Directory for FIAT’s employees and with an Oracle Database for Car Dealers
FIAT - Portal Concesionarios
12 - Banners - Backoffice

03 | Process Automation in SharePoint

The marketing processes were automated using SharePoint in FIAT to help make the tasks more quick, efficient and secure. This is very common in today’s organizations, they have several informal, non-structured and insecure processes, depending on paper or relaying in Excel spreadsheets or weak databases like Microsoft Access or sharing files in unsecure ways. This of course is prone to errors, have several problems and pose big risks.


To solve those problems and reduce risk, Sharepoint, on-premise or on-line, is an excellent choice because it offers a powerful and intuitive tool to quickly build applications and deliver key functionality in a rapid and consistent way across processes and areas. By using SharePoint, your are not only automating the processes but you can also take advantage of all the built-in features such as: document management, workflow, tasks management, collaboration, document editing, file storing and sharing, indexing and search, security and much more.

04 | Results

As a result, FIAT is now able to convenientely and securely share media, files and information with the car dealers using mixed authentication, easily upload and download large sets of media, create dynamic content with beautiful effects to show in the home, publish enriched news and announcements, keep informed of what’s in the car dealers agenda, collaborate with the advertising media creation and much more.