Staff Augmentation – Full Agile Team (20.000 hs)

Teambase UAE



01 | Requirements


Teambase needed to scale-up to deal with new business opportunities and projects, but without losing its high quality standards. The were open to outsourcing some of their work, but they needed a supplier who could seamlessly integrate into their internal processes, who has the same commitment to high quality and continuous improvement, and who brings high-level talent and skills to their existing team.


A team of excellent professionals with extensive experience and skills in the Microsoft technology stack was required, in particular SQL Server, Analysis Services, Integration Services, PowerBI, SharePoint and C#. This team had to achieve great autonomy to adapt to the client’s flat structure and help it grow with minimal management overhead.



02 | Staff Augmentation – Full Team

In order to meet the requirements, we provided agile teams of senior professionals, covering the roles of architecture, design, development, testing, and team management. Our development and management processes were transparently aligned with those of the client so that each team integrates seamlessly with the current processes of the client and there are no differences between local and remote work. In addition, a procedure for recruiting new talent was created and aligned with the client’s planning and project portfolio.


In addition to supplying agile nearshoring teams, our company has a strong focus on customer service, we want to create close long-term relationships with our customers and create strong partnerships that allow both parties to grow and succeed. To achieve this, we maintained close and fluid contact with the client at all times, to ensure that the work was always carried out in the best possible conditions, that each member of the team was productive and worked comfortably and fully aligned with the scope and objective of the projects. Both companies aligned the strategies and plans to be able to scale in the best possible way to deal with the increased demand due new projects and clients.

03 | Our Development Services


Staff Augmentation

We provide top engineers to expand and scale-up your team capabilities and skills. We also provide full dedicated agile teams, working with our proven methodologies and top-class project lifecycle tools to ensure the project goals and rapidly deliver value.


Software Development

We put more than 10 years of successful projects developing high-end software solutions at your disposal to solve all your needs. Full-cycle, end to end, fixed price custom software development. This service model is ideal when you have a well defined scope and requirements for the project or product.


Why Us?

Because we are not only backed by 10 years providing high quality solutions for our clients, but because our commitment to our clients is our most essential value.


04 | Results

Our excellent service and our close relationship with the client allowed us to generate great synergy between our nearshore team and the local Teambase team, managing to carry out a large number of successful projects for Teambase’s clients from all over the Middle East. The technical capacity of our professionals and their high commitment to quality allowed Teambase to scale-up to meet the growing demand for its services while maintaining excellent quality. During our contract, Teambase won the “Microsoft Country Partner of the Year Award for the United Arab Emirates” in recognition of its level of excellence in the implementation and development with Microsoft technologies, demonstrating the value added by our teams to successfully carry out the projects.