Project Tracking, Ideas Board and Risk Management Portal

Volkswagen Argentina



01 | Requirements

Volkswagen Argentina needed to optimize and digitize the process for Project Tracking and, at the same time, provide some features to create an Idea Board in order to manage all the initiatives proposed by all the different sectors in the company and manage the risks for theses initiatives and projects. Before this project, all these tasks were carried out manually, using Excel spreadsheets to perform the risk analysis and scoring and there were many paper documents involved. Therefore, the company wanted to create a web portal to systematize all these processes and functionalities to improve the analysis and reporting capabilities, reduce manual work, eliminate paper documents and optimize the effort required to execute theses processes.


The project has the following goals:


    • Systematize the management and tracking of the Projects, Initiatives and their associated Risk Matrix
    • Reduce manual labor and the errors caused by it
    • Reduce and optimize the effort and work required by the processes.
    • Provide updated information on projects, ideas and risks to all users involved in the business processes systematized by the portal. Send email notifications about important events.
    • Motivate employees to engage with ideas by using a modern, streamlined, and easy-to-use tool, encouraging them to be play an active role in the improvement of the company and increasing their loyalty to the organization and the brand.
    • Improve data quality and data analytics capabilities, this will enhance the ability to create improvement plans, adding value to the company’s business processes.
    • Eliminate archiving of physical documents and manual retrieval of historical information using digital documents and SharePoint search and indexing
    • Be more ecofriendly by reducing the use of paper.



02 | Development of Finance 4.0 Portal in SharePoint

Our team developed a tailor-made portal to manage the processes associated with project tracking and monitoring, presenting initiatives in an Idea Board and creating the risk matrix within the SharePoint platform. This robust tool enables Volkswagen members, who are involved in different projects, to share documents, emails and to be able to effectively track their progress at each stage in real time. It also offers a friendly platform for the end user who wants to propose their idea within the Initiatives wall. And finally, the Finance area has a powerful digital tool to carry out complex risk matrices that facilitate risk management and internal control.


Our SharePoint development strategy enables us to improve the user experience, increasing your productivity, enabling greater collaboration, and increasing the employee commitment to the processes. To achieve this, we have put special care and dedication into the design of the UX, making all the different types of users feel comfortable working with the solution. For more information about our proposal, please click the following link. The forms were designed in a personalized way, focusing on the convenience and productivity of the users. In addition, each form dynamically responds to permissions (roles) and the state of the process instances, improving the user interaction and securing the information.




The portal improves the display of information and the monitoring of each stage of a project, the management of the tasks carried out for it, the monitoring of its progress rate, the days that have been worked and the remaining effort to achieve the project’s goals.
It allows a fluent communication between the sponsor and the team involved in any project, and avoids ambiguities by showing how one version of the truth to all the participants. Regarding risk management, the portal facilitates the creation and maintenance of risk matrices, the management of the risks detected, the countermeasures that will be carried out and the controls that will be implemented.
The UX design guarantees that the tasks performed by users are simple and intuitive and that they can be carried out from any device.

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03 | Process Automation in SharePoint

The processes were automated using SharePoint in Volkswagen under a company strategy to digitize and automate several informal processes. This is very common in today’s organizations, they have several informal, non-structured and insecure processes, depending on paper or relaying in Excel spreadsheets or weak databases like Microsoft Access or sharing files in unsecure ways. This of course is prone to errors, have several problems and pose big risks.


To solve those problems and reduce risk, Sharepoint, on-premise or on-line, is an excellent choice because it offers a powerful and intuitive tool to quickly build applications and deliver key functionality in a rapid and consistent way across processes and areas. By using SharePoint, your are not only automating the processes but you can also take advantage of all the built-in features such as: document management, workflow, tasks management, collaboration, document editing, file storing and sharing, indexing and search, security and much more.

04 | Results

The project lasted 3 months and was carried out using an agile methodology, and biweekly deliverables. From the first month, the client was able to start working with the solution and then we delivered incremental value until the end of the project.

We implemented a powerful home, with an attractive user interface, with graphs and key performance indicators (KPI) that allow you to drill down to obtain more detailed information. We created custom forms and designed a high quality UX that allowed a better engagement of the users.


The highlights of our SharePoint development methodology were:


  • Agile methodology, biweekly deliverables that allow quick feedback and better interaction with the end user in a very productive environment.
  • Focus on design and user experience.
  • Process-based analysis, with fast prototypes and a well-defined aesthetic, which allows users to immerse themselves in the application from the start of the project.
  • Integration of powerful javascript components for specific requirements: For instance, an extensive grid was created within the risk matrix that shows all the dynamics fields that are created for the management of each risk.
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