The Government of the Province of Córdoba
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Solutions & Services: Staff Augmentation

Country: Argentina

Industry: State Government

Company Size: +20k employees


The Government of the Province of Córdoba sought an agile development team to build the Unified Citizen Database app. Likewise, the goal was to establish a project aimed to create a comprehensive and extensible database of citizen data (4+ million people) that could be securely shared with various government departments and agencies. The app would feature a secured API for recording and accessing citizen data via portals or other applications.

In addition, this app would feature dynamic forms for filling in citizen data on other web applications.

A team of highly skilled professionals with expertise in the Microsoft technology stack (Asp.Net MVC, C#), web technologies (HTML, js, jQuery, REST/WebAPI, Angular), and Oracle was required by the client. Consequently, this team would augment the existing capabilities and skills of the client team to ensure the project’s successful completion.

«This project will benefit the organization and enhance the execution of social actions by aiding in the design, development, and implementation. It will consolidate information, simplify processes, improve citizen interaction with the State, and leverage data to deliver various advantages. By doing so, it will enhance the efficiency and quality of processes and services within a framework of transparency, technological innovation, and social responsibility.»

~ Member of the Province of Córdoba


To meet the requirements, we provided agile teams of high-level senior professionals, covering the roles of analysis, architecture, design, development, testing, and technical leadership. Anyway, Venon’s focus on customer service helped us establish strong partnerships and foster long-term relationships. We maintained close and fluid contact with the client to ensure optimal work conditions, productive team members, and alignment with project objectives.

Our team seamlessly integrated into the client’s complex organizational structure, adhering to data security, software architecture, and infrastructure standards. Projects in government entities present significant challenges due to intricate processes involving multiple areas, divisions, and agencies, along with vast data and complex integrations with diverse technologies.


Our Staff Augmentation service and the pool of excellent professionals enabled the client to expand their development capabilities and carry out the project using an agile methodology such as Scrum. This approach provided flexibility and adaptability in the scope, which was critical in the changing project environment.

Also, to achieve a unified database of citizens, we implemented an extensible and reliable architecture with high availability, enabling smooth interaction with various ministries and public organizations while ensuring total data security and integrity.


The new architecture connect and allows easy interaction with the different ministries and public organizations, maintaining total security and integrity in people’s data.

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