Staff Augmentation

Scale your team quickly with top talent

Elevate your company’s potential with Venon

Unlock your company’s potential with Venon’s Staff Augmentation services. Our reliable and cost-effective approach offers access to top talent for high-demand positions in your industry.

We partner with your HR team, providing fast and professional support, and the flexibility to scale your team seamlessly. Our professionals integrate with your internal team to ensure a smooth collaboration and help you achieve your business goals.

Why choose Venon?
Our extensive experience, top-tier bilingual talent from Latin America, and streamlined processes guarantee customer satisfaction and success.
Dedicated resources: Our professionals work full-time for your company, ensuring your projects receive the attention they deserve.
Flexibility and cost-effectiveness: Scale your team quickly and easily as your needs change, while minimizing risk and maximizing resources.
Continuous recruitment process: We maintain an active recruitment process to ensure that we can provide you with quick access to the best IT talent for your company.
Experience: With over 14 years of experience in software development, we have the expertise to deliver top-quality solutions.
Top bilingual talent: Our professionals from Latin America possess excellent education and cultural similarities with the US and Canada, making them ideal team players.
Time zone compatibility: Our professionals work in time zones compatible with the US and Canada, allowing for real-time collaboration and true nearshoring.
Our streamlined journey consists of five simple steps:
Discovery: We work with you to understand your project and the type of candidates that will fulfill your company's needs.
Recruitment: Within one week, we present you with a curated list of candidates who meet your requirements.
Selection: You review the candidates' resumes and select the professional you want to add to your team.
Interview: We coordinate an interview between you and the selected candidates.
Onboarding: Your new team members are ready to start!

Our vision is to

Become the leading global nearshoring company, setting the industry standard for customer satisfaction.