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Homebound’s mission is to make building a home accessible to everyone, regardless of location. They are the first tech-powered homebuilding company of their kind, focusing on communities that need it the most; including areas affected by natural disasters and those experiencing significant housing shortages, such as Austin, Denver, and Northern California. 

Solutions & Services: Nearshoring


Industry: Construction

Company Size: +300 employees


Expanding their engineering staff and achieving their OKRs and tech vision.


As Homebound scaled up their technology to meet business goals, the company sought to leverage its power to make home building easier and more accessible to everyone. To achieve this goal, they needed to double their engineering staff in 2022.

“It was a very time consuming endeavor for our hiring management team and we partnered with various teams and agencies to source qualified candidates. Because of that, we wanted to expand our sourcing to offshore candidates as well to be more competitive and successful in our hiring process,” said Michael Nels, VP Engineering from Homebound.

Expanding their search to offshore candidates gave Homebound a larger pool of potential hires and allowed them to tap into the talent available in other countries. However, offshore hiring presented its own challenges, especially when dealing with different time zones. 

As a result, they chose to focus on «nearshore» candidates only to ensure that their local team wouldn’t become overburdened by working with engineers in vastly different time zones.

“Since we are a fully remote company, expanding to nearshore was less stressful as everyone works in the US time zones and collaboration continues to be excellent,” noted Nels.


“The engineers we hired through Venon were crucial in meeting our OKRs and tech vision over the last year.”, Michael Nels, VP Engineering from Homebound.


“Thanks to our efforts in setting up a great pre-screening as well as interviewing process, we added some fantastic engineers from Venon to our technology squads. It is not an exaggeration to say that these are some of the top performers in our engineering department”, stated Michael Nels of Homebound.

Indeed, Venon’s nearshore contractors are an integral part of Homebound squads, helping meet the roadmap needs and collaborating closely with both of their engineering and product management teams.

Additionally, Michael notes, «Venon is very receptive to any feedback about these engineers and works closely with our engineering managers to provide coaching and training as needed, such as helping them improve their language and communication skills.»

“We hope to continue to work with Venon to help us continue to meet our technical vision at Homebound and achieve great things together”, Michael Nels, VP Engineering from Homebound.

Why Venon:

One of Homebound’s engineering managers had prior positive experiences working with Venon, and after all these recommendations, Homebound decided to explore Venon as a potential nearshore partner for talent based in South America.

“We liked the terms of our working agreement and the flexibility in adding engineers as our hiring needs evolved. Also, one of the things that was most impressive and helpful was Venon’s willingness to work with our hiring managers directly to identify and fine-tune pre-screening questionnaires and procedures to ensure only the best and most suitable candidates are presented to us.”, concluded Nels.

Likewise, by partnering with Venon, Homebound significantly reduced the time and effort required to identify and hire the right candidates while still ensuring that they met their technical needs.

About Venon

Venon provides nearshoring services for fully dedicated IT professionals from Latin America, delivering process-driven + user-centered software to help companies quickly scale their teams while maintaining the highest standards of customer satisfaction.

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