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Leading provider of global business administration and compliance solutions, specializing in administration and financial services.

Solutions & Services: Staff Augmentation

Country: US

Industry: Finance

Company Size: +5000 employees


While the company has already established processes, they remain open and receptive to hiring new individuals in order to facilitate rapid growth. In this particular instance, the financial company faced the challenge of assembling a highly efficient system development team capable of meeting the internal needs of its various business units using the latest technologies available.

  • Total talent: 30 individuals, ranging from mid-level to leadership positions
  • Delivery time: Development Team – 5,000 hours/month
  • Technologies: .NET, Python, Selenium, ReactJS, GO, Azure, Figma
  • Profiles: Full-Stack Developer, .NET Technical Lead, Back-end Developer, UX/UI Developer, QA Automation, QA Manual, and DevOps

The company faced the challenge of creating a system capable of managing and administering multiple non-interconnected systems. As the client acquired other companies in the mid-term, additional information needed to be managed. Venon Solutions’ team developed a new «connect» system to unify operations and enhance efficiency.

Furthermore, there was a need to align development teams with internal customer requirements and address issues such as a lack of visibility into project progress and the timely delivery of high-quality solutions.


Venon Solutions enhances response speed and offers improved audit capabilities for all operations


Venon Solutions has achieved significant results through its improvements in response speed and enhanced audit capabilities for all operations. The introduction of the new «connect» system has simplified access to multiple systems, offering a user-friendly interface and facilitating a quick learning curve for end users.

The company has successfully formed various internal teams equipped with the necessary skills to work efficiently, autonomously, and in coordination with different development teams while maintaining the client’s established quality standards.

Through implementing agile methodologies, such as Scrum (3 teams) and Kanban (2 teams), the company has improved alignment with internal customers, increased project visibility, and consistently delivered on-time, high-quality solutions.

Notably, approximately 90% of the developers and QA professionals in the client area are from Venon Solutions. They actively address daily challenges and business issues, making them valuable assets for achieving outstanding results for the client.

 Approximately 90% of the developers and QA professionals in the client’s area are from Venon Solutions.


The presence of skilled professionals who comprehend the client’s business requirements and possess the ability to deliver system solutions with dedication and quality brings several advantages. With the staff augmentation solution Venon ensures compliance with the client’s deadlines and quality standards, all within a collaborative and highly positive work environment.

By having groups of professionals with a deep understanding of the client’s needs, we can adapt swiftly to their evolving requirements. This effective collaboration and continuous improvement practices enable us to consistently provide high-quality solutions and services, resulting in heightened satisfaction for our internal customers.
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Venon provides nearshoring services for fully dedicated IT professionals from Latin America, delivering process-driven + user-centered software to help companies quickly scale their teams while maintaining the highest standards of customer satisfaction.

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