Volkswagen Group Argentina
Company Information

Volkswagen Group Argentina has been investing in the Argentine national industry for 40+ years, with a strong presence across the country through a network of Official Dealers and two Industrial Centers in Buenos Aires and Córdoba.

Industry: Automotive

Country: Argentina

Company Size: +670k employees

Solutions & Services:

  • Audit & Safety and Occupational Health Portal
  • Knowledge Transfer Portal
  • Project Tracking, Ideas Board and Risk Management Portal
All projects lasted for three months, but the client was able to begin work and deliver in the first month.
Audit & Safety and Occupational Health Portal
  • Audit & Safety and Occupational Health Portal.
  • Automate the processes for managing Audit Findings and Safety and Occupational Health issues.
  • Reduce manual tasks to increase staff productivity.
  • Provide real-time information and metrics.
  • Offer an intuitive, modern, and simple way for users to work and collaborate.
  • Improve reporting capabilities.
  • Simplify search and comparison with historical data while reducing the need for physical document storage and handling.
Knowledge Transfer Portal
  • Create a web application easily accessible to everyone in the organization.
  • Prevent the loss of knowledge and expertise from experienced workers/employees leaving the company.
  • Equip replacements with an intuitive, modern, and user-friendly way to acquire knowledge and training.
  • Share the goals and targets of the Human Resources area throughout the company.
Project Tracking, Ideas Board and Risk Management Portal
  • Systematize the management and tracking of projects, initiatives, and associated Risk Matrix.
  • Reduce manual labor and errors caused by it.
  • Provide all involved users with updated project, ideas, and risk information and send email notifications regarding important events. 
  • Encourage employee engagement with ideas through a modern, streamlined, and user-friendly tool. 
  • Improve data quality and analytics capabilities.
  • Eliminate physical document archiving and manual retrieval of historical information.
Audit & Safety and Occupational Health Portal:

Volkswagen Argentina’s management of Audit Findings (SAHA) and Safety and Occupational Health (SYSO) was informal and involved using Excel spreadsheets and a large amount of paper-based documentation. To address this, the company aimed to automate these processes by creating a SharePoint portal that would streamline tasks and simplify processes. 

Knowledge Transfer Portal:

Volkswagen required an accessible and reliable application to store, safeguard, and disseminate knowledge related to critical tasks performed within the plant. This application will be used by all employees to share their knowledge and learn from the information provided in the portal.

Project Tracking, Ideas Board, and Risk Management Portal:

In an effort to optimize its project tracking process and foster innovation across departments, the company sought to digitize its workflow and implement an Ideas Board. The resulting Risk Management Portal would allow for the efficient management of both initiatives and associated risks. Prior to this project, these tasks were performed manually and involved extensive use of Excel spreadsheets and paper documentation.


All processes aimed to streamline manual tasks and boost staff productivity.

Audit & Safety and Occupational Health Portal

Our team developed a customized portal solution on SharePoint 2016 to automate the processes of managing Audit Findings and Safety and Occupational Health Issues. Our goal was to enhance the user experience and increase productivity while promoting collaboration and commitment. We prioritized and carefully designed the user experience to ensure that all users feel comfortable working with the portal.

The portal application manages and schedules audit tasks, sending notifications to users about any changes. Auditors can record all findings and receive notifications about their status and resolution. The scheduler features help organize tasks and the people involved.

The forms used in these processes were custom-designed with a focus on user convenience and productivity, responding dynamically to different roles and statuses.

Knowledge Transfer Portal

We developed a tailor-made SharePoint 2016 portal solution that enables VW to create, manage, and schedule training requests for employees across different departments. The user-friendly interface ensures that all employees, regardless of their backgrounds and skill sets, can navigate the portal with ease. Users can add content/knowledge step by step, ensuring a well-organized and comprehensive transfer of information during training sessions.

Project Tracking, Ideas Board and Risk Management Portal

Our team developed a custom portal solution for managing project tracking and monitoring, as well as an Idea Board for presenting initiatives and a risk matrix for risk management within the SharePoint platform. This robust tool enables employees involved in various projects to share documents and emails, and also effectively track their progress in real-time. Additionally, the portal provides a user-friendly platform for end-users to propose ideas on the Initiatives wall. The Finance area can utilize a powerful digital tool to carry out complex risk matrices that facilitate risk management and internal control.

We have carefully designed the UX to ensure all users, regardless of their background or skillset, feel comfortable using the solution.


All solutions were created to be simple to use and intuitive for anyone

Audit & Safety and Occupational Health Portal

The entire project lasted for three months, however, within the first month, we were able to deliver a significant part of the key functionality that enabled the client to start using the application.

All the information related to Audit Findings and Safety and Occupational Health is stored and maintained within the solution, providing a unified view and streamlined data management for all the processes. Consistent and fast reporting and dashboards eliminate the problems and risks associated with using unstructured spreadsheets and reduce paper usage, while also avoiding inefficient manual tasks. The task coordination and response times are greatly improved using the Calendar features, notifications, and dashboards.

Knowledge Transfer Portal

Within the first month of the 3-month project, we delivered essential functionality of the Knowledge Transfer Portal and engaged key users to gather feedback.

The portal now preserves knowledge from experienced workers and experts, reducing the risks and costs associated with losing valuable information on best practices, procedures, problem-solving, production line maintenance, and task performance, while also improving knowledge transfer within the company.

Project Tracking, Ideas Board and Risk Management Portal

The 3-month project utilized agile methodology with biweekly deliverables. The client began using the solution in the first month and received incremental value until completion.

The home interface features compelling graphs and key performance indicators (KPIs) that allow for more detailed information. Custom forms and high-quality UX design increase user engagement.

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